Over the last few years with an open Europe we have lost apparently the skill and the knowledge how to make an invoice and packing list.

Consider at the point in time that the UK is to Europe the same and China and Russia,  Would you go there with inadequate documentation?  I think certainly not!

We have seen over the last 3 months since Brexit seen every standard of invoice and packing list but very few good ones. How can a customs officer see if an invoice does match the cargo is the question you should ask?

The answer is that your cargo will run smoother through the process if he can count the pallets , cartons and match them with the invoice, check your Tarric or HS codes for your products 


If you are not sure ask your supplier or alternatively ask the tax office to advice. 

We have attached a sample invoice and packing list , feel free to use and amend it for your own transports,  it would help many people in the transport chain if we had a proper invoice and packing list!

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