When choosing the right container type for you, there are 2 major groups of containers.

The ISO containers for worldwide destinations and the European containers which are wider inside. Both types of containers service a specific market and cannot be used in different markets.

The global standardisation of containers and container handling equipment was one of the important innovations in 20th century. The main development came from the USA and hence many of the current sizes of containers find their origin therein. The drive for containerisation came from the need to speed up the loading and unloading of ships in ports. The additional great benefit was the reduction in the number of handlings between collection and delivery, which substantially enhances the security of the goods.

As not all goods are suitable for loading in standard containers there is a wide range of containers available for worldwide shipping.

At Emerald Cargo, we are able to advise you on the most suitable type of container to suit your transport, taking into careful consideration the nature of your freight and the final destination.

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We Care About Your Cargo

When transporting goods around the world, stowage of goods prior and during shipping is of utmost importance to ensure the safe-keeping and preservation of your shipment.

At Emerald Cargo, we are able to advise and assist on the best way of stowing cargo to ensure it reaches the final destination safely.

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