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Intermodal shipping the movement of cargo from origin to destination by several modes of transport where each of these modes have a different transport carrier responsible, each with its own independent contract. Each leg of the shipment is be handled by a separate transport carrier. Multimodal shipping refers to the same process but is differentiated by the use of a third party such as a freight forwarder to manage the seemingly complex process.

At Emerald Cargo, we are able to arrange such arrangements, bringing efficiency and speed to the process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Drawing on years of experience and a network of global relationships, we implement dynamic solutions to our customers transportation needs.

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Multimodal Shipping carries many advantages resulting in improved efficiency and a reduced cost for our customers. It is an environmentally method of transporting goods to locations which may be inland and not in close proximity to a port. Emerald Cargo can offer straight forward solutions to customers, providing real time information on any given shipment and handling any unexpected delays that may occur.

At Emerald Cargo, we know these multimodal networks like no other. We have successfully transported shipments of all shapes and sizes across land and sea to their final destination. We have transported lubricants from Gdansk, Poland to Tullamore in Ireland. This was done by first transporting the shipment via truck to Calais, where it was then transported by ferry to Dover. Once in Dover, the truck was driven to Holyhead where a second ferry took the truck to Dublin. The truck then drove to the final destination in Offaly where the shipment arrived safely and promptly.

We have also arranged the shipment of healthcare products from Castlebar, Ireland to Frankfurt, Germany using train and truck in Ireland followed by a container vessel from Ireland to Rotterdam. Once in Rotterdam a barge took this container to the final destination, Frankfurt.

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…It is fair to say that they have been an important partner in our business development since we started working together. (Read full testimonial)

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John Coyne / Ferrybridge

…We greatly value our relationship with them and could not offer the flexibility and fast turnaround times we offer to our customers without them. (Read full testimonial)

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