Prohibitive cost is probably the number one reason shippers avoid transporting their cargo by air. Air freight is often more expensive than any other mode of transportation. When considering the cost of a shipment via air cargo, keep in mind that the freight cost is only one component of the equation. There are many other costs e.g. handling, scanning, customs declarations and sometimes more.

But sometimes lower inventory carrying costs and the opportunity to capture market share and the need to serve your client —may offset the possibility of higher freight costs. There are many different possibilities when considering shipping by air and the key is to identify the right one for each customer.

The three primary air shipping options are Next Flight Out, Consolidated, and Deferred. Any one (or all) may work for your business. All of these bring different costs to consider. There are other options to take into consider as well, like air charter, which airport to choose and which airline offers best costs per kilogram.

Whether you choose Next Flight Out, Consolidated or Deferred option we will work out your airfreight costs and schedule for you in simple terms and straight figures.

Emerald Cargo has the connections with airfreight carriers in Dublin, London, Schiphol and Luxemburg; these options will ensure that whatever your requirements we will source the right airfreight option for you.